July 8, 2014


So many ideas going through my head. Too many.

Waiting some clothes to arrive so I can show them to you!

May 30, 2014

yes or no

Once in a while I remember i have a blog, then i forget it again. Next i want to post something but i don't know what and then i have no energy to do so.

People are asking more and more if i'd make makeup tutorials and all that Youtube stuff. I'm actually really starting to like that idea. But i'm so confused - should i speak finnish and add subtitles? Should i be extremely awkward and speak english (no)? Should i make videos with just a music on background and then do only tutorials or so where i don't have to speak? HELP MEEE PLEASE. This is hard bc i know most of my followers aren't from Finland and i want you guys who don't understand finnish to be able to watch my videos too. 
But oh well, we'll see - maybe i'll do just a one tutorial or maybe i'll start really vlogging and figure something out haha.

February 19, 2014

from the space

I didn't even know if I should post anything. I've been away for so long. 
I thought there would be like 5 people anymore if even that many but whatt I've got some new followers. Thanks for that haha x

A lot has happened and I've gone through some hard times but things are getting a bit better now and I hope 2014 will be a better year! 

Just wanted to come and see if anyone's here anymore and tell I'm still alive. Not sure tho will I keep posting here, I'm lazy and tired. I'd like to, but we'll see. 

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