August 23, 2014

Mr.GUGU & Miss GO

I got an email from company called Mr. GUGU & Miss GO and oh boy they have such a fun clothes! Colors, big prints - that's what they're all about. I was able to pick two pieces from their newest collection and end up with these two:

These are so comfy - the fabric feels lovely and theyre baggy and big. A bit different what i'm used to wear but especially that eyeballzzz shirt is so cool i need to find a way to wear it! They also had a lot of lovely leggings on their previous collections, so sweeet.
So if you like prints and all that awesomeness go check them out! Link to their site and instagram are below - they're also on twitter and facebook and all over some!

July 30, 2014

UK Custom Plugs

If you're looking some cool plugs you should definitely check UK Custom Plugs out! They also sell clothes, phone cases etc and what's cool is that you can make your very own plugs as well. So klik yourself on that site now!

This is what i picked out and i'm so excited to wear them!!
Oh and i'm size 24mm.

The cat, moth and space ones are acrylic and the baby pink ones are stone.

I'm sharing this just because i want to - the company didn't require me to do this.

July 26, 2014