July 26, 2014

July 25, 2014


I got email from Yesfor.com and woop soon they sent me some clothes i picked out. They sell cheap clothes and have a lot to choose from. You should check 'em ouuut!

I got two dresses, cardigan and a necklace.
The direct link into these pieces is below each picture!

Super nice black dress with gold buttons and a collar. It's pretty thick tho bc it's double layered. And you def need a belt with it, the waist part looks weird without.


I wanted a silver statement necklace thingie but they didn't have any that pleased my eye enough and i really loved this so i said welcome to this one - first not-silver jewelry!

Apparenly i see everything in black and white - i realized this is NAVY and not black when i got my hands in it but i actually like it more that way. Navy x white dress sounds weird to me but this one i like the most actually!

This one was the weird one ahah. It's not me at all but at the same time it screamed my name so i just thought i'd give it a try and rock it when it's a bit cooler.

Thanks for Yesfor.com for sending these to me!

Ps. Oh gosh ignore my hair, they're not that faded at all lol but the editing made them look like diarrhea gaaaah!


July 8, 2014


So many ideas going through my head. Too many.

Waiting some clothes to arrive so I can show them to you!