February 19, 2014

from the space

I didn't even know if I should post anything. I've been away for so long. 
I thought there would be like 5 people anymore if even that many but whatt I've got some new followers. Thanks for that haha x

A lot has happened and I've gone through some hard times but things are getting a bit better now and I hope 2014 will be a better year! 

Just wanted to come and see if anyone's here anymore and tell I'm still alive. Not sure tho will I keep posting here, I'm lazy and tired. I'd like to, but we'll see. 

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September 14, 2013

Decent bitch

Jacket - Cybershop † Corset top & body - H&M † Pencil skirt - Spiritstore † Necklace - Lindex † 3 finger ring - Gina Tricot †Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas 

LOVE MY BABY SO MUCH! But apparently he thinks it's too much sometimes haha.

Last week I started my 9 week long practical training and oh yes then I'm done with school! My days are so long, 7,5h and yes it's a lot bc I've had own schedules since last winter so my days were only 2-5h long and sometimes I had only 3 or 4 days per week. But I'm happy that my workplace is soo nice, I like the people there and I can use makeup a lot and my own clothes hahah. 

Today I was at my grandma's bday parties. Tho I still don't get it, her bday is on December so..? Ahah well idk, she's Miss Power Gradma, maybe she'll throw another party set then. She turns 70 so it was a bit bigger thing than just coffee with family so I wanted to look nice but oh well I ended up with floor full of clothes and left out of the door while putting my jacket on in the stairway. But I guess I managed to look decent enough lol.

That's all for now. I hope this post is not full of typos, I can't be bothered to use my brains too much now. 
I try to update this too despite the hurry but I'll be much more active on Instagram so if you want to hear/see more from me, you know where to go. Hope you're having a great weekend! 

August 31, 2013

She speaks in third person so she can forget that she's me

I've been sick and I've stressed about everything and ughghduhj bad weeek. And yesterday I was supposed to have fun and forget my bad week and smile my face off but ok not then. 

Like Samantha Jones said when she broke her toe "I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit", I guess I could say that my body might be sick but my spirit is not when it comes to makeup hah. If I get distressed or bored, or just get sudden urge to do some makeup right away, I take a brush and forget everything else. For me makeup isn't just powder and mascara that you have to put on your face in the morning. 

As some of you might recognize, my makeup was totally inspired by Emilie Autumn. I love her, she's just perfect in every fucking way. There's not a single thing I don't like about her. And she's a great example of how you can live with mental disorder and do what you love. 
Do you like her or listen to her music, someone? Would be awesome to know if so :--)

My absolute favs, 4 o'clock was the first one I heard and fell in love with it immediately. Took some time to get used to other songs tho haha.

Oh I just realized I have almost 100 readers!
Thank you so much, I appreciate! 
I guess I should do some kind of special post now, could be fuun. 
Yes, no? Ideas?